maandag 5 september 2011

It's all about leather

No summer in Amsterdam at all, so I decided to put on my leather jacket already! With a leather-look bottom, the back is just normal...a bit the disco pants from American apparel..when I first saw it, it immediatly made me think of American Apparel..but no it's Herrlicher! To make this look still a little bit sunny, I choose to combine it with these wedges and mustard T-shirt both from Zara.

Tell me what do you wear these days, when it's like sunny in the morning when you're leaving the house,  when it's about lunchtime it's raining and it's way to cold??

Jacket | DNA
T-shirt | Zara
Bottom | Herrlicher
Bag | Rivers Island
Wedges | Zara
Accessories | Urban Outfitters 

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