zondag 25 september 2011

Vintage leather skirt

The outfit I wore today: my leather skirt :)
The past two weeks I was quite busy, so couldn't find the time post an outfit. I had to do a lot for school! But I made a deal with myself, first finish my homework and then there is time to make some pictures to you show this outfit! Couldn't choose a better day, a sunny autumn sunday! Please tell me what you're wearing these days? Because today it is sunny and tommorow I need to wear a leather jacket.. typical dutch weather!

Body | American Apparel
Skirt | Vintage
Shoes | H&M
Accessories | H&M 

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6 opmerkingen:

  1. wat eeen geweldige outfit meid wauw!!!
    die laarsjes <3



  2. Geweldige outfit!

    xx Laura

  3. I LOVE this outfit!!! So colorful and perfect.. you look amazing!!! I so wish I could afford to buy such a glamorous fashions and styles in H&M! I love everything vintage^^